How to Make an Oval Placemat Pattern

When you’re creating a tablescape, it’s usual to have placemats to add color to your table.  I’ve found that I can never find what I’m looking for in the conventional stores.  I’ve been making my own placemats for years.  They are always unique & colorful. And once you know how to make your own, you can save a lot of money.

What you’ll need:

Brown Craft Paper:  (I always use this kind of paper because it is sturdier than other paper & is very inexpensive.  If you make a mistake, it doesn’t hurt so much to throw it out and start over. You’ll need a sturdier paper if you’re going to reuse the pattern many times.) I find this paper in the stationary section of Walmart or at the Dollar store.



Saucer or Plate


On the craft paper, measure 17 1/2″ wide by 12″ deep. This is the size that works for me.  Adjust it as you like it. This placemat pattern is  for your table.

Cut out your pattern.  Measure up from each corner 2 1/2″ & mark. (You’ll have 2 marks at each corner).

Place your saucer or plate on the corner of your pattern.  Draw around the plate, joining the marks that you made at the corners.

Cut along the curved line that you’ve just made.  That’s all there is to making your own oval placemat.