Owl Inspired Fall Tablescape

The inspiration for this Fall Tablescape was inspired by something very small.  I found a set of owl salt & pepper shakers a while ago.  I’m not usually attracted to owls, but these little guys tugged at my heart.  The entire tablescape was taken from those little owls.

Fall Tablescape

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Juice Pouch Tote Bag – Tutorial

I made these Juice Pouch Tote Bags years ago and recently, a friend asked me to make some more for her daughters.  The kids love them, and they make great Christmas gifts.  I thought that since I’m making them, I’d show you how I did them.

Juice Pouch Tote Bag

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Paillette Ornaments

As usual, I have my mind on Christmas.  Heck, it’s there all year long!  I love decorating for Christmas, and I love doing it myself.  I was looking around my Craft Room, when I found some Paillettes.  Paillettes are basically slightly larger flat sequins with one hole towards the outside rim of the sequin instead of the center.  I came up with this sparkly ornament that I’m sure will catch the light like crazy.  These are time consuming, but so worth it.

Paillette Ornament

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