Stuffed Green Peppers

Like I said before, I’ve been going through some of my old recipe cards.  I haven’t made a lot of these meals for over 20 years.  The first meal that I made from going through the old cards was my Mama’s Beefaroni.  My son loved it, so I’m making more of the meals.  The next recipe I made was Stuffed Green Peppers.  I hadn’t made those for at least 10 years,  Well, these were a hit with my son & I can’t wait to make some more recipes from that old recipe box.  (and this is the girl who hates to cook)

Stuffed Green Peppers

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DIY Button Earrings

I needed some new earrings.  Trying to find navy blue or grey earrings isn’t easy.  So, I did what I usually do… I made my own.

I’m also fascinated with buttons, have been since I was a little girl & my Mama used to let me go through her button box.  I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years, from yard sales, store sales, & friends.  (You would not believe the will power that I have to use when I’m in Joann Fabrics).  So, finding some buttons that were navy blue or grey was easy and making the earrings is easier than you might think.

Here’s how I turned a couple of buttons into some one of a kind earrings.

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Happy Fall Wall Hanging

It’s that time of the year again.  Season’s changing, holidays are coming fast & once again, I’m a little behind on decorating.  I’ve seen so many new decorations in the stores for the Fall, but the prices are outrageous.  Since I have a tendency to be a little frugal, I started my fall decorations by making my own.

Here’s the first Fall decoration for this year.  It’s easy to make, inexpensive & can be customized to go with any color theme you want.

Happy Fall everyone!

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Mama’s Beefaroni

I got bored with the usual meals that we’ve been having, so I went through my recipe box for some new ideas.  I found one of my Mama’s old recipes that I haven’t made for years.  It’s an easy recipe that has a ‘stick to your ribs’ quality and it’s so good.

I hope you’ll enjoy my Mama’s Beefaroni.

Mama's Beefaroni

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Birthday Tablescape

I can’t believe that it’s October already, but it makes posting this tablescape fitting, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I originally made all of the accessories for this tablescape to celebrate all of the September birthdays that are in our family.

I hope you enjoy the Birthday Tablescape.

Birthday Tablescape

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