Cat Bed fit for a Princess

My little princess (her name is Two) likes to hang around me, where ever I am.  She’s behind me on the chair when I’m at the computer, she cuddles with me when I’m on the couch, & she’s usually at my feet when I’m in the craft room.  The craft room has vinyl flooring, so it can be a little cold. We put vinyl flooring in so that I wouldn’t have to worry about pins or beads getting lost.  But it can be a little cold and it’s not as soft as the chair or couch.  So I needed something for my little Two to curl up on.Cat Bed

I’ve had this purple faux mink fabric for years.  I don’t even remember why I bought it, but I do know that I like it.  I couldn’t think of a better fabric to use to make a bed for my little princess to cuddle up on than mink!

I had 1/2 yard of the fabric.  To cut the fabric into a square, I folded the top of the fabric down to the side (selvage area) of the fabric.

That makes the fabric square.  I cut the fabric off where the top of the fabric met the selvage side to make a square piece & then I cut a second piece.

Then I pinned the fabric right sides together, and sewed all 4 sides, leaving an opening large enough to get my hand in.  I always use 2 different colored pins to mark the beginning & the end of where I’ll be sewing.  That way, I don’t end up sewing the opening closed by mistake.  It’s a trick that’s worked for me for years.  There’s nothing more irritating than having to rip out stitches.

After sewing all sides, I clipped off the corners, close to the stitching.  This removes the bulk in the corner when you turn it right side out. Just don’t clip too close to the stitches.  You don’t want to clip into the stitching.

Turn the pillow right side out, poking the corners out.  Stuff the pillow with polyester fiber fill, making sure that you’ve filled the corners with the fiber fill..

Hand stitch the opening (that you left to fill the pillow) closed.  I used the ladder stitch to close the opening.  A ladder stitch is a simple stitch that seems to disappear when used.  You go in and out on one side of the fabric then go in and out on the other side.  Until you pull the thread to tighten it, the stitches look like a ladder.

Then I thought that it might be a bit ‘puffy’ for my little Two to lay on without rolling off when she was sleeping, so I tufted it.  Basically, that means that I sewed the front to the back with a few stitches.I put a few (4 or 5 )stitches in the center of the pillow, pulling the stitches tightly & knotting the thread several times.  Then I repeated the tufting 4 more times, a little closer to the corners of the pillow.I think my little kitty likes it!

This is a simple pattern that makes a great throw pillow for any where in your home.  I hope you try it for your home!


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