Making Fabric Glitter

I’m a ‘girly’ girl and I like feminine clothes.  I love getting dressed up to go out with my hubby.  But for shopping, around the house, picnics and work, I like T-Shirts.  They’re comfortable & easy to take care of.  But when I buy my T-Shirts, I buy Men’s.  Why?  Women’s  T-Shirts are cut wider & shorter than the Men’s shirts.  I like my shirts to cover my bum.  And the sleeves on a women’s T Shirt are very short.  I don’t do sun very well, so I like my arms covered.  But, like I said, I’m a girly girl.  How do I combine the two?  Yep, you guessed it.  Glitter!  Besides, what girl doesn’t like a little ‘bling’?

I was shopping for T-Shirts for my hubby, when I found this T-Shirt for me!  It’s a nice shirt, very patriotic for all of the holidays in the summer, but I didn’t necessarily want it to look like it came from the men’s department.

I washed & dried the shirt, without adding any fabric softener, so that the fabric glitter would adhere better.

Making fabric Glitter

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