Harbor Freight Haul

I’ve been wanting to go to Harbor Freight for awhile, but I never seem to find the time.  The more I looked at their ads or looked at their website, the more I wanted to check this place out.  My son goes there for tools all the time, but this was my first visit.

The weather was beautiful.  The sun was shining, it was warm with a nice breeze, and I had the company of my son’s special someone, Amanda.  Spending time shopping with her made the trip even better.

There were 3 things that I wanted, and they were in stock!

Harbor Freight Haul

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New Tools!

It’s no secret that I love to create things.  To do that, I have to use tools.  I’ve been borrowing my husband’s or son’s tools to do the projects that I’m working on.  After I saw these, I knew I had to have them.  Especially since they’re my favorite color, purple!  Oh, I can see my sister & nephew rolling their eyes & shaking their heads.  Hubby & son just smile.

Purple Tools

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Organizing Ribbon Roses

While I’ve been on my organizing mission, after reorganizing my ribbon, I started on my ribbon roses.  I searched the Internet for ideas to organize them, while still making them easy to get to.  I searched Pinterest, YouTube, Google images & Google.  All I could find were posts for making ribbon roses.

I’m sure other crafters out there have the same issues that I’ve had.  I actually came up with the idea because of a dream.  I was lost in a sea of ribbon roses & then the answer hit me.  It was so simple!

This is how I organized this mess:

Organizing Ribbon Roses

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Reorganizing My Ribbon

The past week, I was pretty much useless.  My back was out so badly that just standing to do dishes was painful.  Anything but light housework was out of the question.  The only time I didn’t hurt was when I was laying down or sitting.  Thank God for my chiropractor.  I’m pretty much back to my usual self.

Needless to say, I was getting antsy.  I needed to do something.  Reorganizing sounded like a plan.  And this project could be done while sitting.  I had my ribbon very organized, but after a year, and lots of crafting, the drawer was becoming a disaster.  You can see how I had the craft room organized here.

So, with the help of some poster board and some sequin pins, it’s now looking so organized.  And it was easy to do.  I actually did it while I was watching TV.

Reorganizing My Ribbon

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Sewing Room Upper Cabinet Re-Do

The sewing room is coming along.  There’s a new addition to the room that gives me even more storage. (which in a 6′ x 7′ room, you need storage)

We got this upper cabinet from my mother-in-law.  (Her neighbor had given it to her when the redid their kitchen)  It was in good shape.  Although it only had one door, but that is fine.  It just needed a little ‘Creatively Sams’ added to it.

Here it is, before & after:

Before - After

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The Crafting Side of my Sewing/Craft Room Re-Do

Here’s another peek into my world.  Like I’ve said before, this is a very tiny room.  It’s only 6′ x 7′.  In order for me to get everything into this room, it has to be organized.  The room is divided into 2 main sections.  One side of the room is for sewing, and the other side is for my crafting.  This is the crafting section of the room. It’s still a work in progress.  I’m still searching for the right cabinet or shelving unit for the left side of the window.

Crafting Cabinets Organization

Each payday, I would buy another piece for the room.  I knew what I wanted, but I knew that if I wanted to finish the room without it emptying my bank account, it would take some planning in advance.  I went with items from ClosetMaid.  Continue reading

Sewing/Craft Room Bookcase (fabric organization)

The new sewing/craft room is tiny.  It’s only 6′ x 7′.  In order for me to get everything into this room, it had to be organized.  I’d originally had all of my fabric in plastic drawers.  There were 11 drawers stuffed full of fabric.  In fact, this is what started the whole room ‘re-do’.  It got to the point where I couldn’t get the drawers opened.  Any time I wanted to make something new, I’d have to fight with the drawers to get out the fabric I needed.

I’m a very visual person.  So the drawers were good for that.  They were clear plastic, so I could see what I had.  But the frustration that I would feel when I had to get to the fabric, made me not want to sew.  And my sewing machine is never put away.  I love to create, and I get new ideas all the time.   But when it’s too frustrating to get to the supplies that you need, it becomes a chore.  Not the pleasure that I usually feel when I’m making or decorating something new. Continue reading

DIY Memo Boards

As I’ve said before, I’m a very visual person.  And I’m always getting ideas for new projects.  I have a huge stack of index cards, full of ideas.  But they’re filed away in a file box.  I’ve found that when I have an idea that I want to get started on right away, putting the index card on a memo board keeps me on track.  When the idea is filed away in it’s ‘proper place’, I can forget about it. Because of that, I’ve made 2 memo boards.  One by the sewing machine, (this one has a side that is metal to use magnets & the right hand side is cork)  and one by the crafting area of my room (all cork).  Besides that, plain brown cork just doesn’t go in my sewing room. 

And I’m not a fan of brown.  Purple or lilac is what it had to be to go in my sewing room. (Remember, this is for my room.  You can chose any color that goes in your home)

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Sewing/Craft Room – Pattern Organization

I love these cabinets.  They hold so much & keep the sewing area of the sewing/craft room organized.  We searched for a long time for a  54″ overhead cabinet, but they were either too expensive or didn’t come in white or the size we wanted.  We went to home improvement stores, IKEA, and searched on line for several months. We actually found exactly what we wanted at Walmart.com http://www.walmart.com/ip/SystemBuild-54-Wall-Cabinet-White/17470884

We had it delivered to our home for a very small fee. When it arrived it came in a large, flat box.

It only took a couple of hours to put it together.  Much faster than I thought it would.  Getting the doors on was probably the most frustrating for me, since they rely on pictures, rather than words to explain what to do.  I fought with those doors like crazy.  Then hubby came in, took one look at what I was doing, and fixed it in about a minute.  Now they’re hanging over my sewing desk & they hold more than I thought they would.  I’m so happy with them!

What’s inside tells the whole story.  The far right hand cabinet holds most of my patterns, both bought & my own.

The middle part of the cabinet holds the rest of my patterns, shoulder pads, & all of my zippers.

It’s so nice being able to open up two doors & see all of my patterns at a glance.

And finally, the left hand side of the cabinet holds all of my little drawers & boxes for sewing.

And there’s still some room for another box or two!

The cabinet is organized, easy to see & get to.

We still have to add a shelf underneath to hold my DVDs, but that will come a little later.

Hope you enjoyed my organized sewing/craft room cabinet!