Filing With Binders – Household

I don’t like filing.  There’s no other way to say it.  The file drawer looks wonderful at the beginning of the year, but by the middle of the year, the files get messy & when you’re in a hurry, it’s hard to find the things that you’re looking for.  When they become disorganized & you can’t find things, tempers become short & pressure builds.  I’ve been known to have more than one panic attack because of these disorganized files.  There had to be a better way.

I’ve always liked binders.  I think I got hooked on them when I was in college.  Each class had it’s own color coded binder with all of the relevant subcategories.  Because of these binders, I never had an assignment that I couldn’t find, I always found my notes for upcoming tests & I always knew where my reference material was.  It was organized & I felt comfortable with it.  This is how the ‘light bulb’ came on.  I would organize my household files into binders.

Filing With Binders - Household

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