Dollar Tree Fall Candle & Vignette

The corner of our dining area can be pretty sparse if it’s left alone.  The nice thing about it is that it’s an area that can be easily decorated to bring a pop of color to an otherwise dull place.  Creating a small vignette is easy to do & can become a focal point for the room.  Hope you like it!

Fall Vignette

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Happy Easter Vignette

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Easter decoration, here it is.  The hardest part of this one is waiting for the paint to dry.  This can be customized easily just by changing the colors used, or the saying of your choice.

Here’s how I made the Happy Easter Vignette:

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Pringles Can Centerpiece

The 4th of July is almost here & I needed a new centerpiece to celebrate.  I wanted to use what I had on hand to make it, so I started with 3 Pringles Cans.  These were the basic pieces for my centerpiece.

Pringles Can Centerpiece

Here’s how I made it.

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New Year’s Tablescape

Since this is the last Thursday of the month, I thought I’d do a New Year’s Tablescape.  I had so much fun with this one!  I knew that I wanted to use a lot of sparkle, and what better way to add sparkle than using things with a metallic finish?  And mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors!  So this is the tablescape that I came up with… Happy New Year Everyone!

New Year's Tablescape

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White Christmas Vignette

I love white, that’s all there is to it.  It’s such an easy color to decorate around.  Everything goes with it.  The accent colors that you use with white are what give white its tones.  Gold used with white gives it a warm feel, while silver used with white gives it an icy feel.  This little vignette was inspired by a white & silver Santa which led to a snowy scene.  I made the vignette to use for my White Christmas Tablescape.  It was put together easily.  This is how I did it.

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Shabby Chic Lilac Village

I’m usually drawn to a more modern decor, but there is a ‘girly’ side of me that loves Shabby Chic.  I wanted to do a new Christmas Village vignette this year, and since my favorite color is lilac, I decided to go with that color.  Here’s how I turned Dollar Tree houses into a Shabby Chic Lilac Village.

Shabby Chic Lilac Village

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Thanksgiving Dessert Vignette

Once the Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, all that’s left is the dessert.  I wanted to change out the centerpiece that I did for the Gold Thanksgiving Tablescape from the cornucopia to something a little more fitting for dessert.  This is what I came up with.

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