Chip Clips

Chip Clips or how to white wash clothes pins… & fold a snack bag to keep the freshness in longer.

I’ve been doing this for years.  The white washing part isn’t necessary, but it makes them look better. and can be painted with any color (so you can color code them if you like).  The way I fold the bags can be used for junk food (Wavy Lays are my downfall) as well as any bag.  I’ve used them on bags of salad mix, bags of petite carrots, and my favorite.. spinach.  It works on bags of noodles as well as sugar.  Use your imagination!

Looks like a regular fold, huh?

Chip Clip

The first thing that I do when white washing the clothes pins is gather all the supplies.  You’ll need spring loaded clothes pins, acrylic paint, water, a paint brush, something to mix the paint on (I used a plastic lid) & a bowl to hold the pins while they’re drying.

Chip Clip Supplies

Mix the acrylic paint (your choice of color) with an equal amount of water.

It should have a consistency similar to ink.

Chip Clip Paint           Chip Clip Paint Mixed

Using the thinned out paint, paint one side at a time, allowing paint to dry in between.

Chip Clip          Chip Clip

After all of the sides are dry, attach the clothes pins to the sides of a bowl and paint the ends.  Once that part has dried, turn the clothes pins over & paint the tips.

Chip Clip          Chip Clip

It amazing how much better they look once they’re painted.  There’s still  just a slight bit of the wood grain showing through.

Chip Clip Before & After

Now for the bag folding part of the post!  (keeps my Wavy Lays fresh for a long time) ahem…

Chip Clip

Fold the ends of the bag down to form a triangle.

Chip Clip fold into triangle

Then fold the tip of the triangle down to the area where the sides meet.

Chip Clip

Fold the top down once again.

Chip Clip

Attach your Chip Clip

Chip Clip

The top of the bag is now closed tightly, and it’s flat enough for the chip clip to hold on to the bag easily.

Chip Clip

Chip Clip

Happy Creating everyone!