Cleaning Make-up Brushes

It’s amazing all the things that a woman has to use just to look feminine.  One of those things are the make-up brushes.  The right brush can do wonders for putting on your make-up.  But when they’re dirty & loaded with old make-up, they just make getting ready harder.  They can get so dirty, so quickly.  And using dirty brushes on your face will only end up hurting your skin.  They trap bacteria & dirt.  This is something that I don’t want to do to my skin.  So a regular cleaning of the brushes is something that I try to do once a week. And it’s easier to do than you think.

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

You need very little in the way of supplies.  Some olive oil, paper towels, Dawn dish detergent & water will get your brushes looking like new.

This is my foundation brush.  I love the way it makes my foundation go on, but the brush is supposed to have white tips. And when it’s dirty, the bristles separate, which means that the foundation won’t go on smoothly.

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

I pour some olive oil onto some paper towels and then ‘swirl’ the brush into the olive oil that’s on the paper towel.

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

It’s amazing how much make-up is in that brush.  Then wash the brush with Dawn.  Dawn will cut the grease & oils that are in the make-up & the olive oil that you’ve just used to get the make-up loose.  I usually put some Dawn into an old bowl (I used an old S/F Cool Whip container) & add warm water.  Swish the brush in the soapy water until it’s clean.

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

Then rinse the brush well under warm running water.

Rinse well..

Squeeze out excess water between two fingers, and lay flat on a dry paper towel to dry.  See?  The tips are white again!

Cleaning Make-up Brushes

It doesn’t matter the size of the brush, this method works quickly & easily.

Cleaning Make-up Brushes Before         Cleaning Make-up Brushes After

Cleaning Make-up Brushes Before        Cleaning Make-up Brushes after

Cleaning Make-up Brushes         Cleaning Make-up Brushes

After all of my brushes are cleaned, they go back to their container.  I use a small heavy vase filled with “vase filler”  Vase filler can be found in most craft stores in their floral department.

Clean, Organized & Ready to use again:

Cleaning Make-up Brushes, cleaned

Happy Creating everyone!