Customize Your Hand Cream

I love Calvin Klein’s Obsession.  I’ve been wearing it for most of my adult life and when I venture out of the house (which isn’t that often), there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t get a compliment on it.  I could (and have) literally bathe in it.  I’ve been known to spray the light bulbs with it so that the warmth of the light bulb spreads the scent all over the bedroom.

This is how I incorporate my ‘signature’ scent into my hand cream & keep it with me all the time.

Label the Customized Hand Cream

I’m so lucky to have a wonderful husband.  He knows me so well, and spoils me in all the special little ways.  Every year for our Anniversary or Christmas, he gives me my signature scent.  (depending on when I’m running low)  This is what was under the tree this year.

Obsession Gift Box

Obsession Gift Box

I do go through it in about a year’s time.  But usually, I have some of the body lotion left over.

Calvin Klein Obsession Body Lotion

I have incredibly dry skin, so I go through a lot of hand cream.  Especially in the winter.  This is what I do with the extra body lotion.

Customize Your Hand Cream Supplies

I like Nivea hand cream.  It works well without feeling greasy.  What I do is mix the Nivea with the Obsession Body Lotion.  My basic recipe is simple.  I use 6 Tablespoons of the Nivea hand cream to 2 Tablespoons of the Obsession Body Lotion.

Double or triple the recipe depending on how many containers you’re going to fill and how much body lotion you have.

Customize Your Hand Cream

Mix it well in a separate container.

Customize Your Hand Cream

Customize Your Hand Cream

Then I use a funnel & a wooden craft stick to push the customized hand cream into my containers.

Customize Your Hand Cream

Label your containers & you’re done!

Label the Customize Your Hand Cream

Now I have my own customized hand cream to take with me everywhere I go.

Happy Creating everyone!

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