Daisy Birdhouse Wind Chime

I’m still playing around with birdhouses.  I wanted to make a special birdhouse for my sister.  She has a wonderful garden that makes me feel peaceful when I go there.

I know that she’s partial to green & daises.  So it was only natural for me to make a green birdhouse & paint some daises on it for her.

Finished Daisy Birdhouse

I started with this little birdhouse that I base coated with white acrylic paint.

Daisy Bird House Base Coat.

Then I added an eye to the top of the bird house for hanging & then two coats of light sage green paint.

Daisy Birdhouse supplies

Once the paint had dried, I started to paint on the daises.  Painting a daisy is easy.  It only takes 3 colors of paint and a flat brush.  White, for the flower, yellow for the center, and a medium to dark shade of green for the leaves.

Since it is a small birdhouse, I used small paint brushes.  I dipped the brush into the white paint & then I touched the tip of the brush flat on the surface of the birdhouse, then gently angled the brush as I was painting towards the center of the flower.  One petal at a time.Daisy Birdhouse Petal

Daisy Bird House Petals

Then using the handle end of the brush, I dipped it into the yellow paint & added a dot of paint to the center of the petals.

Daisy Birdhouse Center of flower

Daisy Birdhouse Center..

Then using the green paint and a thin brush, I wiggled in some leaves.  Wiggling the paint on gives the leaves a slightly more realistic look. (this is not “art” by any means)

Daisy Birdhouse Leaves

After I finished adding all the leaves that I wanted, I added stems and some grass, using a very thin paint brush.  Some were straight, and some looked slightly like vines.  The vine looking stems gave the stems a little movement.

Daisy Birdhouse Leaves on Back

Daisy Birdhouse side

If you don’t want to try your hand at daisy petals, you can always make Dot Flowers.  They’re the easiest to make & you’ll see them in a lot of hand painted items.  They’re made by dipping the end of a larger brush handle into paint, and dotting the petals on:

Dot Flowers

Dot Flowers.

Then using the same brush handle, dip it into some yellow paint for the center of your flowers.

Dot Flowers Centers

After I’d finished the painting, I added the word, Welcome.  It finished the look that I was going for and I thought it was fitting since her garden is so welcoming.

Daisy Birdhouse Welcome sign

When everything had dried, I took it outside and gave it a good coat of clear spray paint to seal the wood against the elements.

Daisy Birdhouse Clear Coat

It was cute & I thought it would look nice in her garden, but I decided to add some wind chimes to it to bring more music to her garden.

I marked 5 areas on the base with pencil.

Marking for Chimes

Then I gathered up the wind chime supplies, fishing line, stapler & staples.

Supplies for Chimes


One at a time, I threaded the fishing line through the chimes & tied them off.  I added a brass ring to the center chime so it would make a little more music.

Stringing Chimes.

I started to staple the ends of the fishing line to the bottom of the birdhouse, one at a time, making sure that the chime with the brass ring was in the center.

Staple Fishing Line to bottom

I have to admit, the wood on this birdhouse was a little more dense than the other birdhouse that I did.  I had to use a hammer on some of the staples to get them all the way into the wood.  Once the staples were finished, and all of the chimes were on the bottom, I clipped off the excess fishing line that was sticking out of the ends (after the knot) & it was done!  I used an “S” hook in the eye to hang it.

Daisy Birdhouse Done

Finished Daisy Birdhouse

I hope she likes it.  I can’t wait to see it in her garden.

Happy Creating everyone!

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