Desk Drawer Overhaul/Reorganization

Lately, I’ve been reorganizing things in our home.  I’ve been trying to do one section of a room a day/week.  It’s amazing how things can get out of hand if you don’t stay on top of them.  My office desk drawers did just that.  I’m in those drawers constantly.  It not only houses my pens, post-it notes, computer vacuum attachments & stationary, but my camera battery charger & the equipment I need for uploading my pictures.

Desk Drawer Overhaul

I realized that I was stuffing the cords to my camera supplies into the drawer before I closed it.  That’s a good way to ruin them.

They were organized, honestly they were.  But when I’m in a hurry, which is usually the case, I don’t always put things in their exact place.  The drawers were getting out of control.  I had been using these organizing bins to keep every thing in its place, but it wasn’t working anymore.

Desk Drawer Overhaul

While I was walking around the stationary department at Walmart, I found these organizers:

Desk Drawer Overhaul Organizers

What I like about them is that the sides are straight up and down.  The other ones had an angle to them so they didn’t fit snugly.  And these have tabs on the sides that lock the pieces together. Another feature that I really like.  They come in 2 different sizes so I bought one of each size. I emptied the drawers onto my desktop (that was fun, not)

I mixed & matched the sets in both of my desk drawers until I found the layout that I liked.

Fitting the drawers

Once I found the layout that I liked, I started to fill them.  This was the fun part.  And this is the end result.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.  The top drawer:

Top Drawer after

And the bottom drawer:

Bottom Drawer after

I can’t tell you how happy rearranging and reorganizing the desk drawers have made me.  I can get to everything easily & my camera supplies aren’t jammed in.  They have their own special section!

On to the next area of somewhere in the house. 🙂

Happy Creating everyone!