diy Hat Pins-tutorial

In the previous post, Diy Pin Cushion-tutorial, I used Hat Pins to adorn them.

Hat Pins

Decorative hat pins are very easy to make.

First, gather your supplies:

Gather supplies for Hat Pins

You’ll need Floral Pins (the kind used for Corsages & Boutonnieres) These have a pearl head, some have round heads, some are teardrop shaped heads.  There are some with a crystal look head, but they aren’t readily available at your local craft store.

A Statement bead  (A bead that is larger than the head of the Floral Pin)

a 3.5mm or 4mm pearl

Hot glue gun & glue sticks (some people use Super Glue, but it’s easy to get your fingers stuck)

I put the beads on the pin before adding the glue.  That way the glue doesn’t have a chance to harden & dry.

Pull back on the statement bead & add a tiny drop of glue just behind the head of the pin.

Apply drop of glue..

Push the statement bead up towards the head of the pin, into the glue.

Repeat for the small pearl:

Apply drop of glue.

Push the small pearl into the glue drop.

If you aren’t comfortable working that close to the tip of a glue gun, use a pin cushion to hold the pin.  Just put the pin into the side of the pin cushion:

Apply drop of glue

You can make your Hat Pins to go with your new Pin Cushions or in your favorite color.

Hat Pins

I’ve recently learned that many scrap-bookers are using hat pins to create some of their pages.  Have fun with this one!

Happy Creating Everyone!