Diy Pin Cushions – tutorial

Pin cushions are a must in any sewing room.  They can be very expensive if bought in a conventional store.  But they’re very easy to make yourself.  And when you make your own, you can customize them to the way you like them.  They can be as fancy or streamlined as you choose.  Shabby Chic, floral, animal prints, plain, it’s up to you!  That’s the beauty of making your own.

Diy Pin Cushions

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Supplies for pin cushion

For the base:

Cat Food or Tuna Can (label removed, washed, dried)

Tacky Glue

Flat Backed Glass Scatter (this adds weight to the pin cushion)

Steel Wool (SOS/Brillo Pads) The steel wool sharpens the pins & the soap that’s in them makes the pins go through the fabric a little easier)

Polyester Fiber Fill

Small Rubber Band

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks



Lace Trims

Ribbon Roses

Pearl Strands

Fabric (I like the way pins go through satin, but a light weight cotton works too)

Double Sided Tape

Put a layer of Tacky Glue in the bottom of the can.  Add the glass scatter stones to cover the bottom.  (I don’t suggest using hot glue for this part.  It’s too easy to burn yourself while trying to make sure the stones are resting on the flat part)

Tacky Glue & scatter

Set it aside to dry.  (this takes awhile)

When the glue has dried, you want to measure the fabric you’ll need for the cover.  I cut the fabric twice the size of the can.

Measure fabric for pin cushion

Put the fabric right side down, then add a hand full of polyester fiberfill & a steel wool pad.

Farbic, stuffing, steel wool

Gather up the edges of the fabric around the fill & steel wool.  Secure tightly with a rubber band forming a little ‘pillow’.

Twist with rubber band

Apply hot glue to the rim of the can:

Apply hot glue to inside rim

And put the little pillow, rubber band side down, inside the can.

Pillow in can

Measure the outside of the can so that you can cut the ribbons to fit.

measuring cans

Apply double sided tape to the ribbon to adhere the ribbon to the can. Hot glue can peel off and has a hard time sticking to the can.

Double sided tape

Apply ribbons & trim:

Apply ribbons &  trim

If you’re using fabric for the outside of the can, cut the fabric twice the height of the can so you can turn under the raw edges, iron.

Iron raw edges under

For the Aqua Pin Cushion embellishment:

The fabric was a little intense for the look I was going for, so I added a layer of lace to it to soften the look.

lace over fabric

Finish the same way (rubber band) to make a pillow:

Lace pillow

Aqua Pin Cushion

to make the yo yo, cut about 6″ of ribbon, fold it in half lengthwise, and hand stitch the edges together using a running stitch.  Pull the thread tightly to form a circle & knot.

fold ribbon in half and stitch

Cut a piece of ribbon a couple of inches long, (hold it up to the can and see what size you like)  and cut a V into the ends of the ribbon.  Wrap thread around the center to make tails. Knot the thread in place.

Cut tails with ribbon

Apply a drop of glue on the side of the can & press the ‘tails’ into the glue.  Add another drop of glue to the center of the ‘tails’ and press the Yo Yo on to the drop of glue.

Aqua drop of glue.

Aqua add ribbon yo yo

Put a drop of glue in the center of the Yo Yo and add a large pearl.  (or bead, or charm)

Aqua add pearl


I made a Yo Yo from lace trim & glued a ribbon rose to the center of it.

Pink Pin Cushion


This one was kept on the plain side. With simple trims & a single strand of pearls to conceal the rim of the can.

Zebra Pin Cushion

As you can see, the color & design possibilities are endless.  Give it a try using the colors that you love.

Happy Creating everyone!