Easter Bonnet Door Hanging

I’m still decorating for Easter.  I certainly couldn’t have a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath on the door for Easter.  Because the theme for this year is purple & eggs, I wanted to put both of those into the door hanging.  Instead of the traditional wreath, I chose an Easter Bonnet this year.  This was one of the easiest door hangings that I’ve done in a very long time.  I hope you enjoy it & will try one for yourself.

Here’s what I used:

Little girl’s straw hat  (I found mine at the Dollar Tree)


small flowers

small Styrofoam eggs  (cut in half, lengthwise)

baby breath (used to fill in any gaps)

glue gun & glue sticks

small piece of wire (to make a ‘hanger’ on the back)

This is the way the little bonnet looked when I first got it:

I removed their ‘ribbon’ from the bonnet.  They had it glued down very well.  In fact, it was glued down so well that I couldn’t get all of the glue off where their little flower was.

So this is where I centered the flower arrangement.  I replaced it with ribbon of my own.  I made a small bow & hot glued it to cover that spot, leaving ribbon tails hang down.

I turned over the little bonnet & on the brim, opposite of where I put the bow, I inserted a small piece of wire (sorry it’s so hard to see)

Then I twisted the wire into a loop to make a ‘hook’ for hanging.

After I’d made the ‘hanger’  I turned the bonnet back over &  intertwined small flowers & small eggs into the bow & above on either side using hot glue.  Finally I added some baby breath to fill in any gaps that were between the eggs & flowers.

That’s all there was to making this little Easter Bonnet for our door.

Happy Easter from Creatively Sam’s!