Fall Garland Centerpiece

Back in August, I did a tutorial on how to make a Table Garland Centerpiece.  It was a beautiful, simple and very easy centerpiece to make.  I thought I’d show you how to make the centerpiece in Fall colors using florals & foliage from Walmart.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

And here is how I made it.

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I got some bushes of Fall leaves, some cat tails (with onion grass) and some sunflowers.  I cut the stems off of the bushes.

Fall Garland Centerpiece          Fall Garland Centerpiece

As in the other post, I joined the ends of two stems of the Fall leaves with some floral tape.  I repeated the same thing for the other side of the garland.   Then join the end pieces together with the floral tape. Then I took some stems to form the center of the garland.  (This is where you can add more stems to lengthen the garland as you like it.)

Fall Garland Centerpiece          Fall Garland Centerpiece

Once you have the pieces joined together, using the floral tape, join the center piece to the end pieces.

Fall Garland Centerpiece joining ends & center

Once the pieces were joined together, I cut a piece of wire edge ribbon slightly longer than the garland.  I laid the ribbon on top of the garland and set it aside.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

Then to make the bow, I cut two pieces of ribbon 12″ long.  I shaped the ribbon into a loop with a second smaller loop on top.  Gather the bottom part of the loop together with some floral wire.

Fall Garland Centerpiece   Fall Garland Centerpiece   Fall Garland Centerpiece

Once you’ve made both sections, join them together with floral wire, leaving enough wire to attach it to the garland.

Fall Garland Centerpiece          Fall Garland Centerpiece

Using the wire, attach the bow to the center of the garland.  Clip off any excess wire.

Fall Garland Centerpiece bow

As you can see by the above picture, there is a bare space under the bow… no problem.  Just cut some extra leaves from a stem & hot glue the leaves into the bare spots.

 Fall Garland Centerpiece

I cut the cat tails from their bush, and did the same with the sunflowers.  I put 3 cat tails on each side of the garland using hot glue.

  Fall Garland Centerpiece          Fall Garland Centerpiece

Using hot glue, I added 5 of the sunflowers around the bow and some outward towards the ends.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

I felt that the garland was being overpowered by the reds & oranges, so I added some yellow maple leaves.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

There were still some bare spots so I added some extra onion grass from the cat tail bush to the areas that were a little bare.

Fall Garland Centerpiece

Anyone who knows me, knows that although the centerpiece looks finished, it still needed something.  So I added some small glittered pine cones.   (glitter always makes things better)

Fall Garland Centerpiece

I really like the addition the glitter gave the centerpiece.

Finished Fall Garland Centerpiece

All it still needed was some candle light.  I used 5 candle holders that I’d gotten from the Dollar Tree, and popped in some reddish orange tea lights.  It’s all ready for a beautiful tablescape.

Add candles to Fall Garland Centerpiece

Something that I didn’t mention before is that these garlands can be hung on a wall, or over a doorway.  Just make the bow wire long enough to form a loop on the back as a hanger

You could also make it part of a vignette on a mantle.

Happy Creating everyone!

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