Flower Pot Angel

I’ve been making Flower Pot Angels for years, and for some of my new crafters, I thought I show you how I make them.  I chose blue with brown hair, but you can change the color of the angel & hair to match any theme you want.  They’re not only for Christmas decorations.  They are adorable additions to a child’s bedroom as well as a kitchen angel.  Only your imagination can limit this design.

Flower Pot Angel

You don’t need much to make these angels.  A terra cotta clay pot (turned upside down), a doll head knob, some doll hair, small beads & wire, acrylic paint & paint brushes, and a hot glue gun & glue.

The first thing I did was to paint the clay pot & the doll head knob with white acrylic paint to prime it.  (I always prime first so that the color of the pot or wood doesn’t show through the color you choose.)

Flower Pot Angel

Flower Pot Angel

Then I added acrylic paint to the upper part of the pot.  You don’t have to do what I did.  You can cover the entire pot with the color you want, instead of leaving the white border.  It’s up to you.

Flower Pot Angel

Paint the doll head knob a flesh color.

Flower Pot Angel

I’m using a tool that’s so old I don’t even remember what it’s called.  You can use the end of a paint brush to make dots, or draw on designs, or add a name or a saying.

Flower Pot Angel  Flower Pot Angel  Flower Pot Angel

Using the same flesh color that you used for the head bead make 2 lines towards the top of the pot.  Then widen the lines to form praying hands.

Flower Pot Angel hands          Flower Pot Angel hands

Next, using a small flat paint brush, you want to double load the brush.  Dip one side of the brush in white, and the other side in the color you used for the pot.  Work the paint into the brush by painting back & forth on a Styrofoam plate, reloading as needed, keeping the paint on the same side.

Flower Pot Angel          Flower Pot Angel

With the white side of the brush, paint in some arms.

Flower Pot Angel Arms

When the arms are painted, add some hot glue to the top of the pot & press on the head bead.

Flower Pot Angel          Flower Pot Angel head

Now she needs some hair.  Put glue on the top of the head & press a handful of doll hair onto the glue.  Give her a hair cut where ever she needs it.

Flower Pot Angel  Flower Pot Angel  Flower Pot Angel Hair

Using the end of a paint brush, add eyes and a toothpick to pull some of the paint outwards to make the eyelashes.  I used a toothpick to add the smile.  There’s a little trick that I learned from a friend who used to teach ceramics… use a toothpick dipped into white paint to add direction to the eyes.  Just make sure you put the dots in the same spot on both eyes.

I’d used a small paint brush end to make the nose, but I ended up painting over it & used the toothpick to make the nose.  I thought the dot for a nose made her look like a teddy bear. 🙂

Flower Pot Angel Face

I added some wings with hot glue onto the back of the angel.  If you don’t have pre-made angel wings, you can always use ribbon loops.

Flower Pot Angel Wings          Flower Pot Angel Wings

Lastly, she needs a halo.  I used thin wire with very small clear beads.  You can use any color you want.  Pearls are nice, but you could also use colored beads to match her dress.  Thread the beads onto the wire until you have enough to go around the top of her head.  Twist the ends of the wire  to form a circle with a stem.  Cut off excess wire.  Add hot glue to the stem of wire & add the halo.

Flower Pot Angel Halo   Flower Pot Angel  Flower Pot Angel Halo

She’s done.  I hope you have fun with this, and customize it to match your decor.

Flower Pot Angel

Happy Creating everyone!

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