Foam Halloween Ghosts

Another ornament for my Halloween Tree!  This one is among the easiest.  The little ones will get a kick out of making these!

Foam Halloween Ghosts

I used index cards to make the patterns.  You can make any ghost shape you want, I just liked the way these looked.

Foam Halloween Ghosts sketch

When I got them the way I wanted them, I cut them out.  This is your pattern.

Foam Halloween Ghosts pattern

I used a black pen to draw around the shapes.

Foam Halloween Ghosts

Then I cut them out just inside the lines.  Once they were cut out, I added faces.  I used acrylic paint, glued on wiggle eyes, and used a Black Sharpie to make the eyes & mouth.

Foam Halloween Ghosts-adding eyes

With a needle & white thread, I put a loop on the top of the ghost heads, and knotted the ends to make hangers.

Foam Halloween Ghosts

They’re now ready to be hung on the tree!

Foam Halloween Ghosts-hang on tree

Foam Halloween Ghosts,hanging on the tree

Happy Creating everyone!