Glass Magnets

When I give Christmas gifts, I always try to add a small personalized gift with what ever I’m giving.  I made these as Christmas gifts last year.  They were easy to make, can be easily customized for anyone or any occasion and are inexpensive to make.

Glass Magnets

The supplies are simple & can be purchased at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn’s or the Dollar Tree.

What you’ll need are:

some large glass flat backed clear marbles.  E-6000 Glue, Mod Podge, a paint brush, printed names or pictures, round magnets, scissors.

Glass Magnets

The first thing that I did was print out the list that I wanted, using the Word program and regular printer paper.  I used 3 returns in-between each name to space them out properly.

Glass Magnets       Glass Magnets

Then I put a glass flat back marble over a name & traced around it.  The marbles are not the same, some are oval, some are larger, etc…   After I traced around the marble, I placed it next to the name to make sure I had the right one for the right name.

Glass Magnets

I cut each name out & put it next to its marble.

Glass Magnets

Once that was done, I put a medium coat of Mod Podge on the back of a marble and glued the paper to the marble.

Glass Magnets     Glass Magnets

Set them aside to dry.  They get clear  when the Mod Podge has dried.

Glass Magnets       Glass Magnets

Once the Mod Podge has completely dried & it’s clear, you can add the magnets.  Using the E-6000, add a drop onto the magnet & place the magnet in the center of the marble.  Set aside for 24 hours to make sure they’re completely dried.

Glass Magnets            Glass Magnets

Glass Magnets           Glass Magnets

And they’re done!

Glass Magnets

You don’t have to use names, although they make lovely personalized gifts.  You could use Holiday wrapping paper for holidays, pictures or stickers, etc… Use your imagination.  These are so much fun to create & they are appreciated as gifts.  And with a little supervision, even the little ones could make these.

Happy Creating everyone!