I love glitter, especially the fine glitter.  I can’t help it, I’m hopelessly addicted.  I’ve tried to stay away from it, but the sparkles just call to me.  To say that I was excited when Walmart got a new 12 pack in, is putting it mildly.  The colors are glorious. I’ve already used the green for the St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt!

This is what I found:

12 pack of glitter

I was immediately in love when I turned the box over.

12 colors of glitter

There was purple, lilac, pink, red, blue, green, black, white, turquoise, gold, silver & copper.  All in a fine texture!  I had to have it!

When I got it home & opened it, I could only find one thing that bothered me.  The box opened from the side.  It didn’t have a lid or base to make it easily accessible.  When I opened the box, I slid out the bottles.  They were sitting on a little divider.  I like that.  But I wanted them to be easy to get to.  So I taped the end of the box shut with clear tape and then I cut the top of the box off so that the bottom part of the box was just under the lids of the bottles.

My husband had gotten me a roll of Zebra Duck Tape a while back.  (I’m also obsessed with Zebra prints) Since I wanted to reinforce the edges of the box, I thought of the Duck Tape.  I measured the box, and it was roughly 20 1/2″ around.  So I cut a piece of Duck tape 11″ long.  The Duck Tape is almost 2″ wide, which was much too large for trimming the edges of the box.  I cut the tape in half lengthwise to make it a usable size.  (roughly 1″ wide)  After cutting the 2 pieces of tape, I put half of it around the top of the box, (about 1/2″)  cutting the corners so folding it over to the inside of the box was easier.  Then I repeated it around the other half of the box rim, overlapping the ends of the tape.

box edges covered

I put the little divider back into the box.

Finished edges of the box with the divider

Then I I used a Sharpie fine point marker to label the bottles of the glitter.

Lable the Glitter Bottles

And this is the final project.  All ready to go into my sewing/craft room! It looks nice & all the little bottles are easily accessible.