Help for Earring Sensitivity

It’s time for another Tips & Tricks!

Tips & Tricks!

I love to wear earrings, whether they are good ones or costume jewelry.  It’s usually my final step to getting ready for the day.  Recently, I started to have a sensitivity to my earrings.  This happens to me occasionally, and although it can be bothersome, the problem can be solved easily.  If you have pierced earrings, I’m sure you have the same problem from time to time.

This is a trick that I learned from a nurse years ago, and it works every time.  After doing this for about 5 to 7 days, the sensitivity goes away.

What you’ll need is alcohol, cotton pads & Neosporin:

Help for Earring Sensitivity

The first thing you do is clean the earrings.  Which actually should be done every time you put in new earrings, but most of the time, I’m in a hurry & don’t even think of it.

Put some alcohol on the cotton pad.  You could use a cotton ball, but I always seem to get the little cotton strands on the gem part of the earring.  Using the alcohol soaked cotton pad, clean & disinfect the earring.

Help for Earring Sensitivity

Once the earring is clean, dip the end of the earring into the tube of Neosporin.  (it’s already disinfected, so there’s no cross contamination)

Help for Earring Sensitivity

Once the earring is coated with the Neosporin, you can insert it into your ear lobe.  Do this every day for 5 to 7 days, and the sensitivity should go away.

By doing it this way, it’s less messy & you don’t get the Neosporin in your hair.

Happy Creating everyone!