How Do You Dry Your Face?

It’s Sunday!

Time for another Tips & Tricks!

Tips & Tricks

 Okay, this sounds like a dumb question, but how do you dry your face?

First of all, you want to ‘pat’ your skin dry.  Rubbing your face dry is too harsh and can damage your skin.

Second of all, do you use a towel to dry your face?  If so, have you ever wondered how much bacteria, germs, dust or dirt is in that towel?  Who used it last?  And for what?  Scary thought, huh?

So, Sam, what do you use if not a towel?

I use paper towels.

How do you dry your face?

Using a paper towel instead of a regular towel is much more sanitary.  You’re the first one to use it, it’s disposable, so you throw away the germs.  And there’s no chance of cross contamination!   And I find it’s gentler than regular towels on my skin.

Happy Creating everyone!