I’ve Been Shopping…again

I’ve Been Shopping…again.  This time, I was using coupons & gift cards!  I went to Joann Fabrics first.  They had 50% off coupons & there was something in particular that I wanted.  Can you guess what it was?

I've Been Shopping...again

If you guessed the mirrored place mats, you guessed right.

Mirrored Place Mats

I’d first seen mirrored place mats way back in 1988 in a furniture store.  But they wanted $25.00 a piece!  Way out of my budget.  But I’m a firm believer that you should never settle for what you really want, but if you wait long enough, you’ll usually find it, much cheaper!  Four years ago, Joann fabric had them for $12.00 each, still too high.  But in January, I checked them again.  The price was now $7.50 each.  I had 2 – 50% off coupons, so I got 2 in January.  I got 2 more coupons last week, and finally got my set of 4 place mats for a grand total of $15.00!  Much better than the original price of $100.00!  And there was still some left over on my gift card!

Then I got a package of feathers, and some fun/craft fur that I need for 2  projects that I’m working on.

I've Been Shopping...again            Fun Fur

One gift card down, another to go~ so off to Michaels I went!

Michaels Shopping Haul

I’ve been wanting to try Glossy Accents for a long time, but every time I look for it, it’s sold out!  They had one left and I grabbed it!  I also needed some Forest Green & Kelly Green acrylic paint.  Couldn’t find it anywhere, until this trip!  And since I’m obsessed with Aurora-Borealis Rhinestones, I couldn’t pass these up.  I usually don’t buy Martha Stewart products,  (especially since her interview where she put down bloggers so badly) but at less than half price, it was a deal I couldn’t resist.  And there’s still money left over on the gift card!

Glossy Accents  Hunter & Forest Green Paints  AB Rhinestones

Then I headed to Walmart.

Walmart Shopping Haul

They had a set of 6 bath towels for $19.97, which makes them $3.33 each.  I’ve got some crafty ideas in mind for those!  I got some more of the filigree butterflies that I’ve been playing with for a couple more projects.

Shopping Haul Walmart Bath Towels          Filigree Butterflies

While I was there, I went to the candle section & got a package of tea light candles, and a 4 pack of red tapers.

Tea Light candles          4 pack of red taper candles

I found a package of red plates for a dollar (can always use them for Valentine’s Day)  and a lamp kit.  I’ve got a couple of Summer project ideas in mind for that lamp kit!

Red Plates for Valentine's Day          Lamp Kit

Gift card is all used up for Walmart, but I’ve got so many projects in mind from what I bought!   I’m shopped out right now.  (I really don’t like to go shopping in the first place)  But now my creative juices are flowing like crazy.

Happy Creating everyone!

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