My First Halloween Tree

Well, my first Halloween Tree is finally finished.  I’ve had so much fun decorating it.  I think that this is going to be a new tradition in our home!  I can’t thank my sister enough for giving me the tree. (Love you, Baby Sister)

Finished Halloween Tree

Step by step instructions for all of the decorations that are on the tree can be found in previous posts.

I wanted to add some small colorful ornaments to the tree, but I couldn’t find any that I liked.  But what I did find was some garland that had green, orange & pink.

Halloween Tree

I didn’t like the pink for the tree, so I cut the string that was holding it together and separated the ornaments.  Once the ornaments were separated, I straightened out some Christmas ornament hangers at one end.  I pushed the straight end through the hole in the balls, and then reshaped the straight end.  I pushed the new ‘hook’ into the ornament & that held it into place.  (The pumpkin shapes had a hole in the side, so I just pushed the wire through the top of the pumpkin & reshaped it after it had gone through.)

Halloween Tree

And then they got hung on the tree.

Halloween Tree  Halloween Tree  Halloween Tree

Then I wanted to add some spider webs to the tree, but a spider web needs spiders!  I found some plain black spiders & added some paint to the back of the spiders.  They stuck to the web like magic!

Spiders  Halloween Tree  Halloween Tree

I added a few accessories to the bottom of the tree, around the tree skirt.  I added my Haunted Birdhouses first.  Then I added a lit Halloween house next.  And for the finishing touch, I added some plastic coffins that I’d found.

Halloween Tree  Halloween Tree  Halloween Tree

I love the Witch Tree Topper.  She finishes the tree.

And the tree was done!

Halloween Tree

A shot of it at night:

Halloween Tree Lit

And with a black light:

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

I think I’ll be on the look out for more things for the tree once they have the clearance sales.  Maybe some purple or orange lights?  What do you think?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Creating everyone!

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