No Chemical Facial Peel

Time for another Tips & Tricks post!

Tips & Tricks!

Have you ever wondered why men seem to look younger, longer?  It’s because they shave.  They shave the dead skin away from their faces.

Well, vanity thy name is woman.  I like the idea of looking younger, too!  That’s why I’ve been using this No Chemical Facial Peel once a month for most of my adult life.  It’s the best way that I know to ‘peel’ away the years, without using all of those dangerous chemicals.

It removes the dead layer of the skin, and leaves the texture of your face so soft & smooth.  Make-up goes on much better after doing this.  And it’s probably something you already have in your home.

What is it?

It’s Miracle Whip.  Yes, Miracle Whip.  Seriously!

No Chemical Facial Peel

It’s the citrus in the Miracle Whip that works.  (some people can be sensitive to citrus, so test a small area before you do the full treatment)

I usually do this at night before I go to bed, just to give my ‘new’ skin a rest before adding make-up to it.

All you need is about a half teaspoon of the Miracle Whip.  I let it warm up to room temperature.  Wash your face to remove all make-up & the days dirt.  Apply a thin coat of the Miracle Whip to your face, avoiding the delicate skin around the eye area.  Let it sit on your face for a few seconds, then gently massage your skin in a circular movement.

After a few seconds, the dead skin will start to roll off of your face & into the sink.  Don’t over do it.  Always treat your skin with delicacy.  Stop when the ‘balls’ of skin stop coming off.

It’s amazing how much dead skin will roll right off of your face!  I’m always surprised at how much dead skin comes off of my forehead & between the eyebrows.

I’ve used it on my neck & hands. too!  (that’s two of the places that your age starts to show first.)

After you’ve finished your No Chemical Facial Peel, wash your face with warm water & your usual soap.  Pat dry and apply your usual moisturizer.

This has helped me to hide my age for a long time.  (and most people don’t know how old I really am) 😉

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