Organizing Christmas Ornaments

I’ve finally finished up my Christmas ornament re-organizing.  It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.  The ornaments are kept in our barn (which is actually a glorified, large, 2 story shed).  Although the things that are stored in there stay dry, they are subject to heat & cold.  The usual labels on the boxes don’t hold up well.  They’ve buckled & faded over the years.  This year, it will be different.

New Labels for organizing

The supplies:

Organizing Christmas Ornaments  Supplies

Measuring tape

Label maker



Duck Tape (to frame the labels)

58 Quart clear tote

Why the Duck Tape?  Because it sticks to anything & holds up like crazy.  I’ve used paper backing like colorful labels or Washi Tape before, but it warps with heat & cold changes.

I measured the Duck Tape to 4″, marked it with the Sharpie & cut it out.

Organizing Christmas Ornaments

Then I printed out the names of the colors of the ornaments with the label maker & placed it in the center of the cut out Duck Tape.

Organizing Christmas Ornaments

Then I just put the label on the end of the tote.

Organizing Christmas Ornaments  Red          Organizing Christmas Ornaments  Purple

Organizing Christmas Ornaments  White          Organizing Christmas Ornaments Blue

They’re all organized by color & the labels are now weather proof.

This is going to make next year’s Christmas decorating so much easier.  Especially since my Sweet Hubby wants a Red, White & Blue tree next year.  All I’ll have to do is pull out those boxes & the light & garland box.  No more wondering where I put ‘that’ ornament or decoration.

All of the ornaments & decorations are put away… except of one thing.  The angel that I used this year.  She is plain & straight out of the box.  But, you know me… I can’t leave well enough alone.

Organizing Christmas Ornaments  Christmas Angel

But that project is for another day.

Happy Creating everyone!

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