Painting Candles

While I was putting together the ‘A Tablescape for Ryleigh‘, it dawned on me that I’ve never done a DIY post on how to paint candles.  I’ve put it into other posts, (like the Orange & White Tablescape) but never one dedicated on how I do it.

I paint candles a lot so they will go with the project I’m working on.  You can’t always find the color you want, but you can always find the acrylic paint color you’re looking for.  And sometimes you don’t have the time to go out and shop for new.  The hardest part of painting candles is waiting for the paint to dry.

Here’s how I did it:

Painting Candles

What you’ll need:

Painting Candles Supplies

Alcohol (to clean candles)

Cotton Pads (they don’t shed like cotton balls do)

Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint (the color is up to you)

Candle Medium (I used Delta Ceramcoat)

Plate to mix the paint

Candles (any size or style)

First thing is to follow the directions for the Candle Medium.  Mine said to mix it with the acrylic paint 50/50.  I put the paint & the candle medium on the plate.

Painting Candles

Then with the paint brush, I mixed the two together very well.

Painting Candles

After the paint was mixed thoroughly with the candle medium, I cleaned the candles with the alcohol by putting the alcohol on the cotton pads & removed any dust or finger prints.

Painting Candles

Then I painted 1/3 of the candle with the paint mixture.  Set it aside until it is dry.

Painting Candles

Once the paint is dried, I turned it & painted another third of the candle.

Painting Candles

Set it aside to dry.  Once the paint is dried, turn the candle again & finish the remainder of the candle.  Set aside to dry.

Painting Candles Finished

The reason that I use white candles is that you usually only need one coat to cover them, and they’re easily available from everywhere.  You can find inexpensive candles at Walmart, the Dollar Tree, or faded candles you have on hand.

Painting Candles

And they burn just like unpainted candles.

Lit Painted Candles Centerpiece

Happy Creating everyone!


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