Sam Where have you been?

Where has Creatively Sam’s been for the past month?

There’s a very simple answer to that.  The computer crashed.  Thank God that I had everything backed up on thumb drives.

I went out and got a new computer, but it came with Windows 10.  I’d been using Windows 7 & I loved it.  Getting used to a new system is an experience in itself.  I actually had to go online to figure out a lot of it.  It’s not like it comes with a hand book.  No body told me you have to slide the applications over from the left to the right just to use the app.  Once I got that figured out, I started to go online to find the programs that I wanted on my machine.  The programs that I feel most comfortable with & that I trust.

First, I wanted to install Zone Alarm.  It’s a good anti virus & firewall.  The problem was finding one that is compatible with Windows 10.  This was a problem that I kept running into.

Second, I needed to install IrfanView.  It’s a program to view pictures.  I’ve used this program for years.  Got that installed with out problems.

Next was Firefox.  That went in pretty easily, but it took awhile for me to get Firefox & Google as my home page.

Forth install was for Nikon.  I couldn’t find a version that was compatible with Windows 10 anywhere!  I finally had to call Nikon.  They told me that they were still testing their versions that would work with my camera & that they would send me an email when the testing was complete.  This left me with over 400 pictures on my camera that I couldn’t upload.  And then they told me that the memory card that I was using was the wrong kind.  They sent me an email with the memory cards that are recommended for my camera.  Naturally, the ones that were recommended are more expensive than what I’ve been using.  I got an email with some links for the program that they had tested.  I tried to install it, but I had to call them again because it was the wrong link.  They were very apologetic & very helpful.  Now I just have to upload all 400 pictures.

Next, I tried to get into my web page.  It kept telling me that my password was wrong!  I’ve been using the same password for four years.  It couldn’t be wrong!  I called HostGator for help.  Those people are amazing.  They went in & found that the firewall was up because I’d tried to access the web page so many times.  HostGator worked on it for 20 minutes.  Then they told me to wait a few hours for it to clear up.  I tried it the next day & Thank God, it worked.  I had been so frustrated that I was close to tears.

Then I installed PhotoScape.  PhotoScape is an editing program that is free & I have been so happy with it.  I had to do some searching to find a version that was compatible with Windows 10, but I finally found it.  Now I can watermark my pictures again.

I still have to install Thunderbird for my emails.  I like the way it works better than going online to my cable company’s email.

All in all, it’s been an interesting and frustrating journey.

I just feel so good to be back.

Happy Creating everyone!