Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan)

I’ve had this Rubbermaid Turn Table sitting in my cabinet for years.  It’s seen better days, to be sure.  It was a beige color that was stained with food coloring.  I wanted to use it in my Sewing/Craft Room, so it needed a face lift.  And a face lift is what it got!

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) Before & After

Okay, how do you give this tired little turn table a face lift so that it goes from a nasty beige to something that will go in to my little world of creativity?

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) before

Aha!  My trusty Krylon Paint.  I love this brand.  And the Fusion is perfect for plastic.  So, I went outside with my poor little turn table and a can of Krylon Fusion Paint in White.

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) Paint

I gave it 3 light coats of paint & it looked good as new!  But you know how much I love sparkle & glitter.  Plain White wasn’t enough for me.  And I found exactly what I needed while I was browsing Walmart.

Duck Brand now makes something called Deco Adhesive Laminate.  It’s like Contact Paper, but the designs & patterns are amazing!  One roll is 20″ wide x 10 feet long for $3.97. (notice that I got 2 rolls.  I think I’ll be lining some cabinets very soon)

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) Duck Brand Adhesive Laminate

Naturally, I got the sparkly patterned paper!

I turned the paper over (face down), on top of the turn table, and using my thumb nail, I marked the inside rim of the turn table on the Duck Brand  Laminate.

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan)

After I did that, I cut the paper into a smaller, more manageable size.

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) cut smaller size paper

Using scissors, I cut along the imprint that I’d made with my thumb nail.  I peeled off the backing paper, and carefully put the paper on to the turn table.  The reason it had to be done slowly was to work out any air bubbles.

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) Painted

It’s done, and I love it!  It will go perfectly in the Sewing/Craft Room & if anything spills on it, it can be wiped clean.  And if I choose to change the look of it, I can just peel off the Laminate & replace it with other paper.

Saving a Turn Table (Lazy Susan) Finished

Don’t settle with something that you’re not happy with.  You know my motto: “If you like what you have, but it doesn’t go with your decor, change it!

Happy Creating everyone!