Shaving Your Legs…

It’s Sunday!

Time for another Tips & Tricks!

Shaving Your Legs

Today I’m asking you what you use to shave your legs with?

If you’ve been reading my ‘Tips & Tricks’ section, you already know that I’ve gone back to the natural & ‘Old School’ products.  They worked for me when I was young, and now that I’ve gone back to them, they still work!

For the longest time, I fell into the skin gel trap, along with everyone else.  Some of those gels or shave creams are expensive, and most of them have ingredients in them that I can’t even pronounce.  It scares me to use things that I can’t pronounce.

What do I use?


Noxzema to shave your legs

Noxzema has been around since 1914, and was originally made to treat sunburn.  It got it’s name because so many people said that it got rid of their eczema.

As a teenager, I used to use it to wash my face.  (except for the eye area)  It not only got my face clean, but got rid of blemishes.  Looking at it now, I know why.  It contains magnesium sulfate.  Magnesium, the same thing that’s in Milk of Magnesia! 

And before there was sunscreen, we all got sunburned while laying around the local poolside.  Noxzema cools the heat & pain of sunburn.  Just slathering it on made the pain bearable and made our skin soft.

But I also used to use it to shave my legs, as so many of my friends did, way back then.  We all had close shaves & the skin on our legs was incredibly smooth. Just slather it on to wet skin & shave away.  I love the results it gives me.  (and yes, I also use it under my arms)

So, I’ve gone back to using Noxzema to shave my legs.  One jar lasts months so it’s inexpensive to use, I can pronounce the ingredients, and I’ve always loved the smell.

Give it a try & let me know what you think.

Happy Creating everyone!