Shooting Star Ornaments

I’d seen Christmas Ornaments similar to these a while back, so I decided to try my hand at them.  This is my version of the Shooting Star Ornaments.

Shooting Star Ornaments

I’d seen these at One Kings Lane.

Shiny Brite Shooting Star Ornaments


They were navy blue, and they were a little pricy for me.  I couldn’t see spending $90.00 for 4 ornaments.  So, I thought I could try my own version.

I started with ornaments that I got at Walmart.  There were 8 in a package for $4.95.  I used the shiny ones, so they only totaled $2.50.  I like that price much better.

Black Christmas Balls

There were very few items that I needed to make these.  An ornament, glitter glue & a tooth pick and something to set the ball on so it doesn’t roll around:

Shooting Star Supplies

I started by putting a small blob of glitter glue in the center of the Christmas ornament.

Shooting Star Ornaments

Then, using the tooth pick, I pulled 5 points outward, making a star.

Shooting Star Ornaments

Then, using the tip of the glitter glue bottle, I drew in the 5 lines.  I used a tooth pick to add more lines to the center line.  (I wish I’d have been able to make the lines thinner.  Maybe next time, I’ll try fabric glue because the point is smaller)  Then I added smaller stars the same way that I made the first star.

Shooting Star Ornaments

Sprinkling on some silver holographic glitter finished it off.

Shooting Star Ornaments

I used a soft brush to remove the excess glitter, and what little that was left on it, I just blew on it.

Don’t have glitter glue?  I did one with tacky glue and a detail brush.  It didn’t turn out too badly, but it was hard to get the lines in.  I just added glitter to the tacky glue.

Shooting Star Ornaments            Shooting Star Ornaments

They have the same effect as the picture of the original ornaments.  Maybe not quite as precise, but I like the way they turned out.  I can’t wait to see them sparkling on the tree.

Shooting Star Ornaments

Happy Creating everyone!

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