Snow Leopard Ornaments – tutorial

This year, I’m planning a black & white Christmas tree, so I’m making ornaments for the tree.  Today, I made Snow Leopard Ornaments.  They are surprisingly easy to make even though they look hard, and the price that is being charged for this type of ornament is outrageous!  I’ll show you how I did it!  Trust me, they are easy.

Snow Leopard Ornaments tutorial

All I needed to make these ornaments were some white frosted glass ornaments that I got at the Dollar Tree, light gray paint, black paint, a small flat paint brush, and a thin detail brush.  (I used gloss paint because that’s what I had on hand.  You can use regular acrylic paint & they turn out just as nice).

Snow Leopard Ornaments supplies

I made 2 different styles of leopard spots.  The first one:  Using the flat brush and the light gray paint, I made spots.  Some were slightly round, some were a rectangle shape.

Snow Leopard Ornaments

Once the paint had dried, I used the thin detail brush & painted around the spots, but I didn’t connect the lines (as you can see in the next picture).  I liked the lines with a little wiggle to it better that the smooth lines.

Snow Leopard Ornaments

The second style of leopard spots:  Using the flat brush, I made lines of black paint in an oval pattern.  Let dry.   Clean all of the black paint from the paint brush once you’re done putting in your oval patterns.

Snow Leopard Ornaments

Then using the same flat brush with the light gray paint, fill in the center of your black ovals.

Snow Leopard Ornaments

Once the centers are filled in with the gray paint, you are done!  They only look hard to make, but you can whip these out in no time!

Snow Leopard Ornaments tutorial

Happy Creating everyone!

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