Snowman Wreath

I needed a new door wreath, not only for Christmas, but one that would work for the entire Winter season.  And what is more snowy & wintery than snowmen?  This is my Snowman Wreath.

Snowman Wreath hanging Framed

I started with a simple pine wreath that I got from Walmart.  When you get it home from the store, it’s flat as a pancake.  So, the first thing that I did was to fluff the branches up.

Snowman Wreath

Once I got it to look like I wanted it to look, I added ribbon.  The ribbon that I chose was blue & white snowmen, but it was one directional.

Snowman Wreath

If I’d have gone all the way around the wreath, the snowmen would have been upside down on one side of the wreath.  To solve that problem,  I cut the ribbon into 2 pieces.  Then I placed the ribbon where I thought it looked right, under and over the pine branches.

Snowman Wreath

After I’d made a bow for the top of the wreath, I made loops with the left over ribbon.  These loops will be glued into any areas that seem to be a little bare.

Snowman Wreath

Once the ribbon was placed where I wanted it, I glued it into place & filled in with the ribbon loops.  I added a bow to the top of the wreath.  Then I added some pine cones (that my son had gathered for me on his last nature walk)  and some silver bell ornaments.

Snowman Wreath

To carry out the blue that was in the ribbon, I added some small blue ornaments to the bow & then I used them to fill in any bare spots that I found.

Snowman Wreath

I could have left it as is, but I wanted to add a little personalization.  I used Styrofoam balls to make 3 snow people. One for each of our family members.  Dad to the center, Mom to the right hand side of Dad, and Son the the left hand side of Dad.  I used toothpicks to secure the balls together with a tiny drop of glue.  I cut black pins down to fit into the balls for the eyes, mouth & buttons.  The nose is an orange pipe cleaner cut very tiny.  The clothes are made of velour & Dad’s hat was part of a Christmas pick.

Snowman Wreath

Once I’d glued the snow-people onto the bottom of the wreath, I felt it was done.

Finished Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath

Hope you enjoyed the Snowman Wreath.

Happy Creating everyone!

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