Super Lotion

I’d found this on Pinterest a while ago.  For the life of me, I can’t find the link to the original post.  This is the Skirt Girl Super Lotion.  It works like no other lotion I’ve ever found.  It is by far the best body lotion, ever.  I’ve made it as gifts for family & friends & have had requests for more.  It’s easy to make, not overly expensive & the ingredients can be found at Walmart.

Super Lotion

The ingredients are simple.

15 oz. bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion

4 ounce jar of Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E cream

1 cap full of Vitamin E oil

3/4 cup of Vaseline

A large bowl, hand mixer & something to put it in.  (jars, condiment dispenser, cleaned out wide mouth condiment bottle… you get the idea)

Super Lotion

Put all of the ingredients into the bowl.  I cut the top off the baby lotion to get every drop.

Super Lotion     Super Lotion

Using the whipping attachment of the mixer, whip the ingredients together until it becomes fluffy.  The Vaseline takes a while to blend, but be patient.  It will look like pink icing when it’s blended.

Super Lotion      Super Lotion      Super Lotion

I bought a set of 4 oz. Ball jars to use for my gifts.  I liked the quilted design on them.

Super Lotion               Super Lotion

All that was left was to fill the jars.  Sweet, useful gifts for the people I care so much for.

Super Lotion

And it made quite a few gifts!

Super Lotion

I really hope you’ll give this a try.  Thank you, Skirt Girl, where ever you are.

Happy Creating everyone!