Table Garland Centerpiece – Tutorial

Ever wonder how they make those table garlands that you see on tables at restaurants or at weddings?  I’m going to show you just how easy they are to make.  And I’m going to show you how to make it very inexpensively!   This Table Garland Centerpiece is not only very romantic, but just a little bit Shabby Chic.  But, by changing the flowers & candle color, you can make it fit into any decor.

Shabby Chic Centerpiece

This tutorial is very long.  I wanted to show each step clearly so I used pictures for step by step instructions.

What you’ll need:

Ivy bushes

Rose or flower bush (5 flowers needed)

Pearls by the yard

Wire edged Ribbon (your choice of type & color)

Baby Breath (I used glitter baby breath in 2 colors)

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

scissors & yard stick or measuring tape.

White spray paint, satin finish

Floral tape

5 candle holders (I got mine from the Dollar Tree)

5 votive candles (in your color choice)

I found these ivy bushes at Walmart for 97 cents.  My husband thought that they looked a little cheap, but I had plans for them!  I got 4, but I didn’t need all of them.  Better safe than sorry.

Table Garland Ivy Bush

Clip the stems off of the bush

Table Garland Centerpiece

Clip off some extra leaves to use later for filler if needed.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Lay one stem over another, staggering them.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Then, using floral tape, wrap the stems together.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Add a third layer the same way.  Make a second set of three stems, the same way that you made the first.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Then you want to make the center of the garland by layering two stems together by laying the stems over each other.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Tape the center pieces together:

Table Garland Centerpiece

Then tape the two outer sections (that you made with the three stems) together.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Once the longer sections are taped together, tape the center section onto the center of the longer piece.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Now for my plans to make the ivy look not so cheap!  Take all of the pieces outside, including the extra leaves that you cut in case you need some filler.  Grab a can of satin finish, white Krylon paint, and lightly spray the garland.  Not too much.  You don’t want them white, just lightly dusted.

Table Garland Centerpiece lightly dusted with paint

When they’ve dried, bring them back into the house & continue on to the next step.  Adding Ribbon & pearls.  Cut some ribbon a little longer than the garland.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Then cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 15″ long.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Make a loop from a 15″ piece of ribbon.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Wire the center of the loop together.  Leave enough wire to connect them to the garland.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Make another loop the same way from the second 15″ piece of ribbon.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Wire the long ribbon to the center of the garland.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Wire the first loop to the center of the garland.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Add the second loop the same way, but twist the loop in the opposite way to make it look like a bow.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Now, using a hot glue gun, glue a couple of long pieces of pearls by the yard on either side of the bow.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Next step, The Roses.  I got a bush of roses (I think they were from Michaels) that had 6 roses on it.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Cut the stems from the bush, the same way that you did for the ivy, but clip the stems shorter. Hot glue a rose to the center of the bow.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Baby Breath…  I used a rose color & a white color baby breath  (yeah, I had to have the glitter baby breath)

Table Garland Centerpiece Baby Breath

You want to make little bouquets from the baby breath.  Cut some off of the stems, bundle them together, and use floral tape to wrap them.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Clip off the excess tails.

Table Garland Centerpiece

After you have made several bouquets, hot glue some of them around the center rose.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Add more roses to either side of the garland, spacing them out evenly.

Table Garland Centerpiece

As you add the roses, intertwine the pearls around them.  Add more baby breath bouquets around the roses and anywhere there is an empty space.  If you need to, use some of the extra ivy leaves to fill in.

Table Garland Centerpiece filling in

Add candle holders… I got mine from the Dollar Tree.

Add Candle Holders to Table Garland Centerpiece

Add some votive candles to the candle holders.

Add votive candles to Table Garland Centerpiece

And it’s ready to be used on any table, whether it’s at a wedding, a party or a romantic tablescape for two!  You can use any color flowers & candles to match any decor.

Table Garland Centerpiece

Happy Creating everyone!

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