Shell Angels

I’m still longing for the beach.  So, making shell crafts seems natural to me. and I love Christmas.  I’m making Shell Angles today!  I constantly think about all of the joy & sparkle that the Christmas season brings.  (I wish that feeling could last all year long)  So, combining the two makes sense to me.  Makes sense to you, too, doesn’t it?  (I know it’s only July, but haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July?)  🙂

Angels are always part of my Christmas decorating.  It was an angel that brought the good tidings to Mary.

Shell Angels

This is a long post, because it’s loaded with step by step pictures.  I will apologize now for some of the blurred pictures.  I’m still trying to master the macro setting on my camera.  I’m also showing how I make all of the parts before I put them together.  It’s so much easier when you’re making multiples to do it like an assembly line.

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Playing in the Sand – tutorial

I started to do this with sand box sand years ago.  (it’s a clean sand)  Once you make this, it can be applied to several items for your home decor.  Summer brings thoughts to days at the beach.  And this is a process that will bring the beach into your home  easily.  When it’s dried, it looks like wet sand.

So, save those shells from your vacations, or have your friends bring some back for you!

Sand & Shells Centerpiece

I’ve made everything from centerpieces to picture frames & candle holders using this formula.  I hope you’ll give it a try.

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