Silver & White Tablescape

When you’re a crafter or an artist, you don’t look at things the same way that other people do.  You always look at an item & say, “What can I do with this?”  When I was shopping at Walmart, I found this silver dance-wear fabric.  It really is a bright metallic silver.  (It just looks a little ‘purple’ because of the sun shining in my craft room window.)  As soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to have it.  I bought a couple of yards of it.

The girl that rang up my purchase looked at me a little strangely.  I told her what I had in mind & she said, “I thought maybe you were going to make a silver disco outfit”.  (she knows that I make a lot of my own clothing)

What I had in mind was a table cloth.  Seriously.  A table cloth.  Continue reading