The Crafting Side of my Sewing/Craft Room Re-Do

Here’s another peek into my world.  Like I’ve said before, this is a very tiny room.  It’s only 6′ x 7′.  In order for me to get everything into this room, it has to be organized.  The room is divided into 2 main sections.  One side of the room is for sewing, and the other side is for my crafting.  This is the crafting section of the room. It’s still a work in progress.  I’m still searching for the right cabinet or shelving unit for the left side of the window.

Crafting Cabinets Organization

Each payday, I would buy another piece for the room.  I knew what I wanted, but I knew that if I wanted to finish the room without it emptying my bank account, it would take some planning in advance.  I went with items from ClosetMaid.  I bought one of the cabinet door sections.  I liked this one because it had 3 adjustable shelves:

Then I bought 2 of the drawer sections.

When I stacked the 2 drawer sections together, they were the same height as the door section.

Then I needed somewhere to put all of my beads.  They are all in their own little boxes, sorted by colors or function.  By function, I mean that the jewelry making components are separated by metal colors.   I used a stackable ClosetMaid 3-shelf vertical stacker.  This is also the same height as the other sections.  The end result was a bank of storage the hold most of my crafting needs.

It took awhile for us to decide where we wanted each section to go, once we got them together.

I finally chose this set up.  The cabinet with the doors on the left, the beads in the center & the drawers on the right.  The only problem with this set up was that the top of the sections weren’t smooth.  So, my wonderful husband cut a long shelf to fit on the top of them.  Now I have a smooth working surface to do all of my crafting on.

What supplies are hiding inside?  Here’s the tour.

The drawer section:

There’s a place for all of my ribbon:  (I like my ribbon in a drawer instead of putting it on a rod. When I need ribbon, I want to be able to take it to the project, rather than pull what I need and then have to roll it back up on a rod.  If it’s on a rod, I find it’s a little inconvenient for me.)

Another drawer to temporarily house the thread for my serger:

These will be moved when we install the new shelving unit over my sewing desk.  Then there are two drawers for my odds & ends.

The center section holds all of my beads.  I love making jewelry, so there are a lot of beads.

The left side of the unit:

The top shelf holds all of my floral supplies.  (yes, that’s a kitty litter container with the top cut off that was used to hold my floral foam.  It’s much too messy to leave on a shelf)

The next shelf holds all of my wood pieces. I use a lot of wood when I craft.

And the bottom shelf holds my glues.  (yes, that’s a kitty litter container with the top cut off to hold my glue gun & glue pot)

I hope you enjoyed the latest tour of the craft room and maybe found some storage ideas for your craft room.




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