Uncle Sam Figurine-make it your own

I found this little guy at Michaels, on a clearance for only $2.99!  He was so cute, but as you know by now, I can’t leave well enough alone.  I always have to make it ‘my own’.

Uncle Sam finished

Uncle Sam Before

The lines weren’t very straight, the eyes needed something, and I didn’t like the stripes at the base.  I’m sure I’m thinking too deeply, but it felt like Uncle Sam was standing on the flag.  I had to change it.

I found these little flag picks that were small enough to fit him.

Flag Picks

After I tweaked him with some paint, fixing his eyes, straightening the lines & painting the base, I hot glued on the little flag pic. (I was going to use the tacky glue, but I didn’t feel like waiting for the glue to dry.

Repainted Sam & Flag

And since he already had red glitter on his hat, I had to add some to the base!  (hey, it was lopsided)  Okay, who am I kidding? Any chance to add glitter!

Glittered Uncle Sam

Now he’s not only ‘mine’ but he’s ready to sit on a shelf or be used in a vignette for the holidays.

Uncle Sam finished

And here he is when he’s used in a vignette!

Uncle Sam Vignette

Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Happy Creating Everyone!






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