Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog? 

The answer to that question might seem a bit morbid.  Basically, I wanted to share what I know, before I go.

I’ve been crafting most of my life. Crafting is a passion for me that can reduce the stress that the outside world can dump on us.  It keeps my mind working, sometimes to obsession.  And it gives me so much satisfaction when I’m making pretty things for my home & the people I care for.  But mostly, I want to inspire people to try some of the things that I’ve shown.

It was never to brag about what I have or what I can do.  My blog is about showing you what you can do.

In this ‘throw away society’,  I like to show people that you can fix what is broken instead of throwing it away.  It always amazes me how a can of paint can make that odd-ball item fit in your home, or take on a completely new meaning.

One of the greatest feelings of satisfaction for me is to know that I’ve inspired someone to try something new.  It actually gives me a thrill that can make me smile all day long.

Which brings me to my friend Terry.  Terry had never crafted anything a day in her life, until she started to read my blog.  So far she’s tried three things & she should feel so much pride.  She’s got a crafter hidden inside of her, and it’s starting to come out.

I love when she says, “I saw your post the other day, and I think I can do that”.  She said that about the centerpiece that I used in my Easter Tablescape.  It inspired her to create her own.

This was mine:

Easter Centerpiece

It was simple & colorful, and had the true meaning of Easter.

And this is Terry’s Centerpiece.  (her first)

Terry's Easter Centerpiece

I am so proud of her.  She did an amazing job!  And I don’t think she’ll ever know what her centerpiece means to me.  (Does that sound a little selfish?)  But knowing that I’ve inspired her makes writing my blog worth all of the work I put into it.

Terry is one of the reasons Why I Blog.  I hope I’ve inspired many people to try some of my projects.

Happy Creating everyone!

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