Yellow Rectangular Placemats

I recently showed you my yellow tablescape.  The color is such a happy color!  And the place setting is easy to do.

Yellow tablescape Place Setting

This is how I made the placemats that were used in that tablescape.

While I was doing my usual browsing at Joanne Fabrics, I found this gorgeous fabric.  It’s actually a velvet upholstery fabric. (it’s so soft)  And it was on a 50% off sale in the red tag section.  Regularly $9.99 a yard, I got this for $4.50!  And to make place mats, I only need 1 yard for a place mat unless I’m making it reversible (which I did) so I needed 1 yard of yellow satin for the reverse side.

Yellow Fabric used for Yellow Tablescape Place Setting

I used the same pattern that I used for the No Sew Place Mat to make these.  I cut 4 pieces from the Upholstery fabric

Pinning Upholstery Fabric for yellow place setting

and 4 pieces from the yellow satin

Yellow Satin for yellow place setting

After I cut out all of the fabric I took one upholstery fabric piece & one satin fabric piece and placed them ‘good’ sides together & pinned them in place.  (make sure you leave an opening for turning the fabric after it’s sewn together)

Pin Fabric right sides together

Sew the 2 pieces together. (don’t forget to leave an opening)

Sewing place mat

After you’ve sewn the two pieces together, clip the corners to remove the excess bulk of the fabric.  This will make the corners lay flatly and smooth.  Just don’t clip too close to the stitching.

Clipping Corners of yellow placemat

Turn the placemat right side out, through the opening that you left.  Then you want to poke the corners out so that they lay flat.  I used scissors to do it, but I’m used to doing this.  (if it’s your first time, use a blunt object like a chop stick or skewer.)  If you do use scissors, be careful to not poke too hard, because you might poke through the fabric.  Take your time, it’s worth it in the end.

Poking Corners of the yellow placemat

Once you’ve ‘poked’ all of the corners out, pin the opening that you just turned the placemat through, closed.

Pin Opening of yellow placemat Closed

Pin around the rest of the placemat for top-stitching.

Pin yellow placemat for Topstitching

I use a long stitch to top stitch.  It’s a 4.0 on my machine.

Use a long stitch for top stitching

Top stitch all the way around the placemat.  This closes the opening, makes the placemat lay flat & gives it a finished appearance.

Top Stitching the Yellow Placemat

Yellow Placemat Top-Stitching Complete

And now it’s ready for your tablescape!  Repeat for the remaining 3 & you’re done!

Yellow tablescape Place Setting

I hope you’ll give it a try.

Happy Creating!


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