Denim Place Mats

These Denim Place Mats are very easy to make.  The pocket holds the silverware & the loop holds the napkin!

They’re perfect for a picnic setting or casual tablescape.

Denim Place Mats

What you’ll need:

1 yard of Denim fabric

2 old pairs of jeans

Sewing Machine & thread (although you could hand sew it)

Washing Machine & Dryer



No Sew Place Mat Pattern

Denim Place Mats                  Denim Place Mats

Cut Loops & pockets off of the old jeans.

Denim Place Mats                Denim Place Mats

Cut out the backs of the pockets.

(The reason for cutting out the back of the pockets is because the denim will fray.)

Denim Place Mats

Cut the denim using the “No Sew Place Mat Pattern

Denim Place Mats

Once the place mats are cut out, use a plate to find the placement for the pockets & loops.

Denim Place Mats

Once you’ve found the placement that you like, pin the pocket & loop in place.

Denim Place Mats

Sew the loop & pocket in place.

Denim Place Mats               Denim Place Mats

Once the pieces are sewn in place, you want to put them into the washing machine.

Denim Place Mats

Now don’t panic.  The place mats will come out of the washer looking like a huge, jumbled mess.  This should be expected.

Wash Denim Place Mats

Using the scissors, cut the place mats apart.

Denim Place Mats

Trim the long,stringy edges from the place mats.

Denim Place Mats

Once all of the strings are trimmed away, put the place mats into the dryer.  The edges of the place mats will be curled upwards.

Denim Place Mats               Denim Place Mats

Iron the edges of the place mats until they lay smoothly.

And you’re finished!

Denim Place Mats Finished

Now they’re ready to be used!

Denim Place Mats - Place Setting

Happy Creating everyone!

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