Winter Emergency Kit

When I made this Emergency Kit for my car, my son laughed at me.  He wasn’t laughing when he broke down in 7 degree weather and his car had no power for heat.  At 21 years old, boys men think they’re invincible.  It could never happen to them. It was going to take AAA 3 hours to get to him.  Luckily, his Dad made it in 20 minutes.  By the time his Dad got to him, he was already seeing his breath in front of him. Organization is key to your Winter Emergency Kit…. I’m making one for him.

Winter Emergency Kit for the Car

Winter Emergency Kit

This box stays behind  the driver’s seat, on the seat, so it is easily accessible.  There is also a universal cell phone charger kept in the glove compartment.

This is what I put into my kit:

Plastic Tote (to put everything in)

Hat, Gloves, Scarf

Fleece Blanket

Mylar Emergency Blanket (keeps the warmth in & the cold out)

Flashlight, Glow Sticks (in case the batteries die out)

Whistle (to alert passerby’s if the car can’t be seen)

Hot Hands & Hot Hands Foot Warmers

Red Bandana (to tie to outside of car)

Knife (God forbid that the seat belt gets stuck)

Hard Candy & Power Bars (to keep energy up)

(we always carry a bottle of water with us when we travel anywhere)

The supplies for the Winter Emergency Kit

Close up of extra scarf, hat & gloves

More of the supplies used for Emergency Kit

Blanket & Bandana for the Winter Emergency Kit

Hot Hands & foot warmers

Whistle, Blanket, First Aid Kit for Winter Emergency Kit

Completed & Organized Winter Emergency Kit

The one that I’m making for my son will be in a back pack. A tote isn’t as ‘manly’ as he would like.

I also have a small Emergency Kit for the trunk, which I will post tomorrow.

Snow is beautiful to look at & walk in, but winter can be very scary & deadly.  Stay safe out there & be prepared.

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