DIY Padded Hanger

I’ve learned that if you want your nylon stockings, panty-hose, knee-highs, bras & panties to last, do not put them in the dryer.  The heat from a dryer will break down the fabric and shorten the life of the garment.  I used to just hang them on plastic hangers to dry, (Metal hangers left a ridge in the items) but they kept catching on parts of the hangers.  I was saving the stockings just to snag them while they were drying.  That’s when I came up with this idea and it’s been working for me for years.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Flannel Fabric



Needle and Thread

You only need a small amount of flannel fabric.  I use flannel because it seems to absorb the dampness and allows the garment to dry easily.  (You could use terry cloth, but I don’t like the texture on delicate fabrics.  I just like the job that the flannel does)

I laid the hanger on the fabric to judge the amount of fabric that I’d need.

I wanted enough fabric to be able to fold it over a couple of times so it was soft & padded without being bulky.

I cut my fabric 17″ x 5 1/2″.  This was for the hanger that I used.  Yours may be a little different, depending on the kind of hanger you used.  (this is a rough guess-ta-ment)

I pressed the side ends of the fabric in to conceal the raw edges.  I used the hanger to judge how much fabric needed to be folded in.

Then I folded up the raw edges of the fabric & pressed it into place.

I repeated the same thing for the top half of the fabric.  This way, all the raw edges are concealed.

Then I laid the hanger on the fabric.

I folded the fabric over & under the hanger, pinning in place.  The top part of the fabric was rolled over the hanger first & then the bottom was brought up to encase the hanger.

Then using the needle & thread, I whip-stitched the fabric closed.

When the fabric was stitched from one end to the other, I rolled the sewn edge to the bottom.  Rolling the fabric makes a smooth place for the garments to lay.

And you’re done!  It’s easy to do & can prolong the life of those expensive nylon & spandex garments.