Easter Place Mats

Spring is right around the corner!  And that means that Easter will be here before you know it.  Time to change out the St. Patrick’s Day decorations & replace them with all of the pastels of Easter.

There were so many beautiful fabrics to choose from this year.  I spent more time in Joanne Fabrics than I should have, but I finally found a theme for this year.  Easter Eggs!  And the fabric that I found had so many lovely colors in it.  I checked the color sample area of the fabric & really had to debate on which color I wanted to go with this year. 

Since I live in a household full of men, I don’t use my favorite color very often.  (not exactly a ‘manly’ color)  But, I just had to go with Lilac for my tablescape.  I couldn’t resist it.

What you’ll need:

I used the Elongated Oval Place mat pattern for these.

1 yard of patterned fabric

1 yard of solid colored fabric

sewing machine

matching thread

I cut 4 pieces of the pattern from the patterned fabric

and 4 pieces from the solid colored fabric.

After all of the fabric was cut out from both the patterned fabric & the solid colored fabric, with right sides together, I placed one patterned piece & one solid piece together.  Then I pinned them in place.

When pinning the two pieces together, make sure you mark a beginning and an end (I use 2 different colored pins) leaving an opening large enough to get my hand in.  (you need this area to turn the place mat right side out after sewing.)

Stitch the pieces together.

Turn the place mats right side out.  Lightly press the edges & then pin the edges to add top stitching.  Top stitching makes the edges lay flatter, closes the opening that was used to turn it & keeps the edges crisp.

Top stitch the edges all the way around.

And you’re done!  You now have a reversible place mat.  One that has a patterned side:

And one side that is solid colored:

One place mat for two totally different looks!


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