Fairy Dust Necklace

Little girls love the magic of Fairies.  I’d seen something similar to this on Pinterest and I thought it would be easy enough to make for a very special lady.

It was an easy project to make & it made a very special little girl very happy.

It started with a search for the perfect size bottle.  It had to be small since it was for a little girl.  I looked everywhere to find the right size.  The Dollar Tree had some tiny bottles filled with chunky glitter for decorating nails, but they were too tiny.   I finally found the size that I thought would be right at Joanne Fabrics.

Then I had to choose which glitter to use.  I wanted to use a holographic glitter so that it really showed up.

Using a creased piece of paper, I poured glitter on the paper & used the crease to fill the bottle. (I’ve since learned that they sell tiny funnels that are just for glitter, who knew?)

Then I used E-6000 glue to seal the cork in the bottle.  (I certainly didn’t want the cork to come out & get glitter all over this little lady’s clothing.)  Using a toothpick to apply the glue to the cork worked well without creating a mess.

I tied a ribbon through the loop that was already in the cork.

Now the hard part.  I printed out several labels to put on the bottle, using many different sizes of fonts.  Cutting them tiny enough to fit was interesting.  But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the label to stay on the slick glass.  I even used the E-6000!  The ends of the label kept coming up.  I was so frustrated by it that I almost didn’t make this.  I put it away for a couple of days while I thought of other ways to make the label stick.  Then I had a brainstorm.  Duck Tape!  Yes, Duck Tape.  It sticks to everything & hold like crazy!

I cut a small piece of white Duck Tape & rounded the edges.  Then I put it on the center of the little glass bottle.  It held on the first try!  I was so happy!  Then using a fine line Sharpie, I printed the words, “Fairy Dust” on it.  The final results were exactly what I’d envisioned.

And the recipient of the necklace was very happy with it.

That’s all there is to it.  Something so simple to make someone so happy.  I’m thinking that this would be the perfect gift for a Princess Party, birthday gift or Christmas gift.