Fabric Stiffened Angel – New Versions

Back in December of 2013, I posted a tutorial about how to make a fabric stiffened angel.  This is still my top pin on Pinterest.  To see the tutorial, go here.

Since then, I’ve done a couple more as gifts and I thought I’d show you how different they look just by changing up the fabrics.

Fabric Stiffened Angel - New Versions

People give me things because I’m a crafter.  They know that I can always find a use for beautiful fabrics.  One friend gave me a beautiful sequined top to use.  When I found out that it was what she’d worn to her daughter’s wedding, I knew I had to make an angel out of it for her.

This is the top she gave me, and my inspiration for her angel.

Fabric Stiffened Angel - New Versions

I hated cutting it apart, because it was so pretty, but I had a vision for it.  This is what it looks like now:

Fabric Stiffened Angel - New Versions

It’s amazing how a change in fabric can totally change the look of the angel.

Another version that I made was for a friend who loves the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is her angel:

Fabric Stiffened Angel - New Versions

She tells me that her Steeler Angel sits by the television all football season.

I love the way that a change in fabrics can make such a huge difference in the way the angels look.  They are all made the same way as the original.

Fabric Stiffened Angel - New Versions

If you’re going to make one of these fabric stiffened angels, make it your own.  Think outside the box.  Changing the fabric is all it takes.

Try Valentine’s Day fabric or St. Patrick’s Day fabric, or make her using pastel fabrics & have her hold a tiny bunny or eggs for Easter.  She’d be lovely done in red, white & blue for the 4th of July.  Even one done in shades of orange holding a tiny pumpkin would add to your Halloween decor.

Have fun with this one.

Happy Creating everyone!