Making Fabric Glitter

I’m a ‘girly’ girl and I like feminine clothes.  I love getting dressed up to go out with my hubby.  But for shopping, around the house, picnics and work, I like T-Shirts.  They’re comfortable & easy to take care of.  But when I buy my T-Shirts, I buy Men’s.  Why?  Women’s  T-Shirts are cut wider & shorter than the Men’s shirts.  I like my shirts to cover my bum.  And the sleeves on a women’s T Shirt are very short.  I don’t do sun very well, so I like my arms covered.  But, like I said, I’m a girly girl.  How do I combine the two?  Yep, you guessed it.  Glitter!  Besides, what girl doesn’t like a little ‘bling’?

I was shopping for T-Shirts for my hubby, when I found this T-Shirt for me!  It’s a nice shirt, very patriotic for all of the holidays in the summer, but I didn’t necessarily want it to look like it came from the men’s department.

I washed & dried the shirt, without adding any fabric softener, so that the fabric glitter would adhere better.

Making fabric Glitter

I had some fabric paint that was glittery, but I didn’t want to add any color, just the sparkle.  Once this dries, the glitter is encased in the fabric glue, and only the glitter shows.

I gathered the supplies that I had on hand.  Some empty containers, some fabric glue (I used Sobo brand, but you could use any kind), a wooden craft stick, and glitter!  I use a plastic cutting board to put between the front & back of the shirt, so that the glue doesn’t go through to the back.  (you need to get into it 😉 )

Fabric Glitter

I put some fabric glue into the container and then poured glitter on top of it.

Making Fabric Glitter

With the wooden craft stick, mix the two together very well.  Add more glitter if needed. ahem…

Making Fabric Glitter

Then, with a paint brush, I painted on the fabric glitter mixture to the areas that I wanted to add sparkle.

Making Fabric Glitter

The mixture will be milky until it dries.  This is natural, because the fabric glue stays milky when wet.

Making Fabric Glitter

Once the T-Shirt has started to dry, you’ll be able to see if you missed any areas, or if it’s not glittery enough.  Just add a second coat where ever you want it.

Making Fabric Glitter

After I’d finished painting on all of the fabric glitter, I made labels for the bottles.  I’m sure I’ll be using these a lot more this summer.

Making Fabric Glitter

Once it was done, I hung it up over night on a hanger.  In the morning, it was completely dried, the glitter doesn’t flake off & I put a feminine accent on it.

Making Fabric Glitter

And a close up of the sparkle.

Making Fabric Glitter

Happy Creating everyone!

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