Repainting Shelves

I’ve had these shelves for years.  They were originally black, and eventually they were spray painted white.  They are mostly used in the bathroom now.  The steam & moisture make them rust in spots sometimes.  Because of that, they usually get a facelift once a year.  Recently, I’ve been obsessed with a pearl finish. I thought I’d try this with the shelves.

Here’s what I used:

Kilz primer

White Acrylic Pearl Paint

Paint Brushes

I washed the shelves (using an SOS pad on the rusty spots) rinsed them & let them dry.  Here are the rusty spots that needed to be fixed.

Using the Kilz primer & a paint brush, I primed the shelves on the top & bottom.

It took awhile to get into all the nooks & crannies.  Let the primer dry completely.

Once the primer dried, I put the pearl paint on a foam plate,  (I used a lot of it.) and got started painting.


That’s all there was to it!  It was a little time consuming, but worth it.  My original black shelves are now white with a pearl finish.


They really brighten up the bathroom now.

I used battery operated tea lights so that the candles could be ‘lit’ at night without having to monitor them.  I’m also going to get more pearls. I really like using them to rest the candles in. The pearls really compliment the pearl finish.



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